About Us

My name is Larry and I am an expert in developing property. My own property portfolio has been built over many years and I am involved with everything from flats to houses and everything in between.
Over the years you pick up a whole host of tips and tricks and I can now do the stuff on autopilot most of the time.
My main experience and expertise is in the buying and selling of property known as HMO’s or houses of multiple occupation. These houses are conventional properties that have been converted so that a number of people live in the building sharing certain facilities like a kitchen etc. These differ from bedsit and flats as they are not self contained dwelling and as such need to be developed in a different way and under strict guidelines for this type of home.
I love architecture and interior design and spend most of my free time studying this interesting field. Interior design is something that I also use in my day to day work life. Planning a space and getting the right design whether that be accommodation for students which need to be durable and hardwearing or a designated design for a client renovation there is always care needing to be taken when planning and creating these spaces.