A basement excavation in London

With space at an absolute premium in London many people are turning to basement excavation in London as a way of creating new space for their families.
Going underground especially in areas where extensions are impossible or not allowed is a great way of increasing floorspace and the overall value of your property. But creating the new space is both labour and time intensive and specialists are needed to plan and carry out the works required.
If you are considering a project of this nature then the first thing you will need to consider is planning. Different councils have different rules and a local company will probably be able to give you some advice and guidance on this matters. You will also need to get in touch with a trusted architect to draw up the plans for you. Before you do this it is a good idea to do your own research so that when you meet you have pre-prepared questions and ideas on what you are looking to achieve.
Once the plans are drawn up and the space is mapped out a specialist contractor will need to be commissioned to do the works needed. Choose carefully and wisely here and make sure you do plenty of research and speak to a number of people before you settle on you chosen company to work with. A few things to consider here are taking a look at the short list’s websites and speaking direct to people who have used their services. Check out the reviews they have received and also go on and do a Google search on them and check out Facebook and other social media channels to ensure they are good at what they do and do not have a bad reputation.
If you are committing to this type of project you need to be mindful of neighbours and the mess. You will probably causing havoc in your street for a while so make sure you let them all know and possibly even get them a little token to apologise for the hassle the next few months will be.
Once you have picked your contractor and the work is underway just focus on the end goal. The noise, mess and upheaval will get you thinking if its all worth it but you need to focus on what it will become and the difference it will make rather than the here and now.
Basement excavation and creation is happening all over London and its a great way of getting that extra space you desire for the family whilst at the same time increasing substantially the value of your property. There are all kinds of different things you can use the space for from swimming pools to play rooms, cinema rooms to games rooms and everything in between. If you have been inspired why not get online today and start planning your new space and getting the research needed done ready to make those big decisions.